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These articles are free for your use.  If you share them, please keep the attribution and copyright information intact.

The Formula
If it's good enough for Aristotle, it's good enough for me.

Amanda, the Python and the Pet Shop Robber 
An elementary look at story structure

Crafting a Powerful Romance  
Everything I learned about romance I learned from Steve and Kayla

Writing and the Next Food Network Star 
Chefs and writers are more alike than you think.

The Waiting Game
How to make the most of downtime

The Seven Cs
Structure, structure, structure

When the Book Won't Cooperate
Change your circumstances

Finish the Darned Book
If you don't finish it, you won't sell it

Where to Begin?
Staring down the blank page

What's the Big Deal  About Conflict?
No conflict?  No story.


Audio Download
Paula Graves and Colleen Thompson
talk with Rowena Cherry on Passionate World Radio - May 21, 2011

Book List
List of published books through
April 2017

Book Extra
The full version of "Mrs. Moon's