......................From FORBIDDEN TERRITORY

Sweet Baby Marshmallow, close your wide eyes,
Old Mr. Sunshine has left the night sky.
He's gone to a picnic on the far side of Mars,
But he left Mrs. Moon to watch over the stars.

Sweet Baby Marshmallow, why do you cry?
See how the moon lady lights up the sky?
All the bright stars gather 'round her soft glow;
They're not so sad to see Mr. Sun go.

They wait for the stories from sweet Mrs. Moon
About princes and snowflakes and bright red balloons,
Pirates and penguins and blueberry tarts;
The little stars know all the stories by heart.

By midnight each twinkling, sparkling light
Yawns and surrenders, too sleepy to fight.
Their dreams pull up anchor and quietly sail
To dreamland on a river of Mrs. Moon's tales.

Sweet Baby Marshmallow, sleep now and dream
Of puppies and daisies and chocolate ice cream,
Mrs. Moon still knows a story or two;
Close your wide eyes and she'll tell one to you.

Copyright 2005 by Paula Graves.