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Whistleblower Carly Sandano is in scalding hot water. While the FBI wants her to testify against her crooked boss, her boss just wants her dead. So when the bus she hops out of Atlantic City crashes, she fakes her death and heads south to Bangor, Georgia, to fulfill a fellow passenger's dying wish: deliver his casino winnings to his family. 

But she didn't figure on the dead man's friendly parents, who dish up heaping helpings of southern hospitality. Or how sexy she'd find the smoldering, suspicious chief of police, Wes Hollingsworth. Before she knows it, the girl who never likes to stay in one place too long finds herself wondering how she's ever going to leave Georgia behind. But there's still a killer gunning for her, and the last thing she wants to do is bring bullets raining down on the sleepy little town...



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"(T)his story's crowning glory is the authentic southern, small town charm the author brings to life and how she weaves that in with the love story. The sense of community and rich southern setting add a richness and depth to the story... I hated to see this story end because I felt like I was leaving a community of friends, from Wes's crotchety father recovering from a stroke to Wes's match-making Aunt Bonnie. I loved all of these characters and will be thinking about them, I'm sure, for days to come."
Romantic Suspense author Lena Diaz

"There were so many rich details about the characters and the setting. The story itself was suspenseful, but also sweetly romantic and funny...Great read!"
Gayle Cochrane on Goodreads

"Loved this book, and was surprised how the plot twisted. The story was great, and each character added something to the story. I couldn't stop reading once I picked it up. I went and got more books from the author after reading this one."
- Crystal Sworden on Smashwords

"...an intricate suspense tale that winds through a quaint small-town setting and tightens around a sweet, rich romance, threatening everything it touches."
- Joan Swan - LOVE ROCKS blog