Harlequin Historicals author Lyn Randal  on  the right and me on the left, at a Southern Magic RWA  meeting  in 2004 Author Bonnie Gardner on the left, presenting me with a First Sale plaque from Heart of Dixie  Romance Writers. This is the cake Heart of Dixie had made to celebrate my first sale.  You'd be surprised how giddy a little something like a cake and a plaque can make a new writer feel.
Feral kittens born in the basement of my day job office.  There were three; I took two and an officemate took the third one, Boo, a little black long-haired male.  All three kittens are males. Cody, the red tabby.  Notice the "thumb."  Cody is a  polydactyl—he has 6 toes on each of his front paws.  He's what's commonly called a Hemingway cat, because Ernest Hemingway was famously a fan of polydactyl cats. Mac is a brown tabby. He has the classic tabby  pattern, with large black stripes.  In this photo, his eyes look blue, but they turned a golden green once he reached adulthood.  Sadly, he recently lost his right eye in an accident. We're still not sure what happened..
Cody, sitting on top of my wireless router and next to part of my collection of books on serial killers and violent crime.  Hmm, that's one of Gayle Wilson's books on top.  It sort of fits the theme.  Cody is squinting at the bright sun outside.  Or maybe he's contemplating bird-i-cide.  Whichever. This is Sabrina, aka Tatertot, aka
TayTay.  She's technically my sister's cat, but  I consider her part of my cat family.
Doesn't this look like a painting?  That's my sister's
other calico, Tabitha, aka Big Fluff. She's  lying on
a comforter on my niece's bedroom floor.  My
niece is a slob. 
When my mom got up after midnight to let one of the dogs out to go to the bathroom, she heard a pitiful mewling sound and spotted a tiny kitten.  She tried to catch her, but she went down into a storm drain.  The next morning, my niece went searching for her and was able to catch her.  Niece named her Cookie. She's a Torbie (tortoiseshell with tabby markings). This is Bella, a silver tabby.  It's hard to tell in this photo, but she has tufts on the tips of her ears that make us wonder if she has a little Maine Coon in her This is a photo of my niece Ashlee and me, taken when she was about eight.  She's my Psych-watching buddy.  I dedicated my book One Tough Marine to her.
My sweet Miko as a baby... And Miko all grown up.  He was obviously a Siamese mix, but the only thing really Siamese about him, besides his coloring and pretty blue eyes, was how he vocalized when someone tried to pick him up and hold him.  He adored being petted and stroked, and was very affectionate, but he didn't like to be held and grumbled about it as only a Siamese cat can.  Sadly, he disappeared the Monday before Thanksgiving 2012 and never came back home. Mac with both eyes, before he lost his right eye.  He's a very big cat, and as you can see, quite beautiful before his accident.  He's still pretty, and he doesn't seem to know he has only one eye.
Graybaby, aka Seņor Fluffy Booty (that's what my nieces call him).  He's older now, but I don't have a good picture of him as an adult.  He won't sit still long enough. This is Bella, all grown up.  See the tufts at the top of her ears?  If she were a larger cat, I'd definitely think she had some Maine Coon in her.  But she's not very big. Cookie, adult size.  She's got a lot of red tabby markings along with her tortoiseshell markings.
This is Graybaby's brother as a kitten. I call him Blackbaby. (Original, huh?)  My mom, however, calls him Pocket, because when he was little, he used to get into her housedress skirt where it dipped between her knees when she was sitting in her recliner.   Notice the distinct tabby stripes on him, despite his being black? This is Blackbaby all grown up.  Sadly, his stripes did not survive adulthood.  He's sleek, black and beautiful.  He's also remarkably affectionate, loves to cuddle and give kisses. This is our newest addition, Girly.  She's another tortoiseshell, though she has much less bright color than Cookie.  Girly was a stray my nieces found outside a Walmart in Guntersville, Alabama.  She's a petite cat, and very cute and sweet.