Harlequin Intrigue - September 2012



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Although a missing Annie Harlowe and her entire family were at the forefront of a Cooper Security investigation, Wade Cooper never expected to stumble upon the half-conscious beauty in his own backyard. Thankfully, Annie had somehow escaped her captors. Unfortunately, she had no memory of the past three weeks. Before long, the memories slowly began to return—and the threats to her life turned deadlier. And although her well-being was becoming more than just an assignment, Annie’s safety remained the battle-scarred marine’s top priority. Still, for a man who’d avoided the risks a relationship was bound to bring, could Wade really walk away once this case was closed? And what could his future possibly hold if he did?


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"4 1/2 Stars - The Cooper family certainly knows how to keep life interesting, and that means readers are in for more action, adventure and a tender and touching romance."
- RT Book Reviews

"Paula Graves has taken the corruption of the government officials and turned it into one of those mysteries where each step takes you closer but you want to keep your eyes closed because you do not want to see what is at the end. The problem seems to be high up in the chain of command and you really do not want to know because you do not want to be disappointed in those who should be trust worthy. At the same time, their betrayal needs to be revealed and consequences delivered. Secret Keeper takes us a little closer and closer to that end. We will be waiting with bated breath for the next story." 
- Cataromance.com