Paula Graves is an American writer from Alabama who is known for her compelling romantic novels. She was born and raised in Alabama, from where she adapts the characters’ culture and stories in her books. According to Paula Graves, the eccentric characters make the best stories, and there is no better place than South America to look for such characters.

Paula Graves grew an early interest in reading, and her favorite genres were mystery and romance. At the age of six, Paula wrote her first book starring her friends and herself in a mystery adventure. She was a fan of the Hardy Boys, Harlequin Romances, and Nancy Drew books as a young reader that encouraged her to start exploring her own mysteries and penning them down. Today, she is writing for Harlequin Intrigue, where she writes fresh mystery romances as a professional writer. She also works at a Birmingham ad agency as a copywriter and graphic designer. Paula Graves is also a member of Southern Magic Romance Writers, Romance Writers of America, and Heart of Dixie Romance Writers. During her free time, Paula likes to spend time with her family and friends and is also known as the cat whisperer in her circle. She has written multiple mystery romance series that includes Cooper Justice, The Gates, Browning Sisters, The Gates: Most Wanted, Bitterwood P. D., Cooper Security, Brody & Hannigan Mystery, and Campbell Cove Academy. Here are a couple of books written by Paula Graves that you can read to understand her style and perspective of mystery and romance.


Deception Lake

Cowboy Jack Drummond finds himself on a rocky road of unpredictable events when he meets his old flame, Mara Jennings. Deception Lake is the fourth book in The Gates series, but the story can be read as a standalone novel. One does not have to know the previous three parts to get the story. It is a treat for binge readers who like a suspenseful plot where the characters are hard to be trusted. The writing style of Paula is truly engaging as the characters are capable of making quick impressions in the reader’s mind.

Paula Graves

Secret Identity

Amanda Caldwell decides to cut off all the ties with the CIA to live a quiet and uneventful life, but not for long. She meets her former CIA partner and former lover, Rick Cooper, in an unexpected event that makes things interesting for her once again. Rick is on a mission to protect Amanda from the assassin that is after her life. But there is something Rick knows, and Amanda does not. Will telling her the secret to be the right thing to do, or keeping it a secret is the best way to keep her safe? An engaging mystery and romance story that keeps the readers intrigued in this Cooper Security series.