One Tough Marine is the third book in the Cooper Justice series written by Paula Graves, which hypes up the suspense and lives up to it at the end. Abby Chandler is gets threatened by masked men who make demands that are impossible for Abby to fulfill. She sees no option but to run to Luke Cooper for help. It has been three years since they met three years ago when the events led to their one-night stand. Now she also has to reveal to Cooper that her son is both of theirs.

As the events unfold, Abby realizes that Cooper has also been keeping secrets from her and that his disappearance was the only way that he could protect her. Cooper has a tough time to win Abby’s trust back and tries his best to stay away from her attractive personality. Admitting that he has fallen for her charm is a risk that he is afraid of taking when the masked men are plotting to take her life for the reasons only Cooper can tell.

About the Author

Paula Graves is an American romance & mystery novelist who has been working with Harlequin Intrigue for years to create some of the best crime and romance thrillers. One Tough Marine is the third edition in the Cooper Justice series that defines her writing genre very well. Paula believes that personal experiences make the best stories and characters. She tries to portray the culture and neighborhood where she grew up in her novels. It makes the stories relatable and interesting for her readers. Paula Graves is a member of major writing associations like Romance Writers of America and is also a graphic designer and a good friend when she is not writing.


About Harlequin Intrigue

Harlequin Intrigue is a publisher and known producer of some of the best romance and mystery novels in America. One Tough Marine is the third edition of the Cooper Justice series releaded by Harlequin, which has successfully impressed the audience with its exciting romance and a thrilling plot that struggles to end well till the very last pages. They release six stories every month to keep their readers occupied with action-packed novels.

About Harlequin Intrigue

Overall Review

One Tough Marine is a perfect bedtime read for those who like thrilling mysteries with an exciting drama that slowly builds the chemistry between the characters in the story. Paula Graves did an amazing job in shaping the story for the readers to enjoy without stressing much over the loopholes and small elements that can distract the reader from the main story. She very well builds the chemistry between Cooper and Abby, who later find out about the reason behind their long break. One Tough Marine is a good read for all ages with a reading difficulty of easy.