By Paula Graves

One Tough Marine


A three part book series written by Paula Graves, it is a story of family, friendship and romance that is a must read

Award-Winning Romantic Suspense Author

Paula Graves

Drawing inspiration from South America, Paula Graves is a very talented writer who spins romance seamlessly with the mystery genre

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Author Paula Graves Says


This has been one of the most exhilarating stories to write and I really hope you guys enjoy it too.

Other Books

Smoky Mountain Setup

A must read for all fans of Paula Graves’s work, Smokey Mountain Setup is one among her best sellers. This is the first part of her series The Gates.

Blue Ridge Ricochet

The second part of her series, The Gates: Most Wanted, Paula Graves proves yet again why Harlequin Publishing took her under their wing.

Strange in Cold Creek

One of the best endings to a series, Paula Graves leaves us feeling satisfed and grateful for having chosen her.

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Crybaby Falls


The second installments of the Gates series, Paula is simply a master of blending romance with mystery.

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